• geträumte lyrik

    im verschmelzend zerhämmerten amalgan lebensscharfer würze er um sich greift alle ströme er in sich vereint und fließend spinnend wehend schlingt er hinunter in den schlund sein leben   des letzte stund ihm schlägt in grabes tiefe ihn zu sich hinunter zieht im schwarzen morast die schädel stecken ein fluchen ein schrei vorbei! vorbei! vorbei! […]

  • Deep Dreaming AI
  • 500 Words in Kogi language

    Dictionary of 500 Kogi words and mythological characters Culled from various academic pieces by Geraldo Reichel-Dolmatoff. z is pronounced generally like the j in jardin (French) and x as the ch in ach (German). Reference is made as to which version ( Northern or Western slopes) the mythological character comes from. Reichel-Dolmatoff worked with the […]

  • Prison Slang Words

    Blasting – term used by the Tango Blast prison gang when referring about a fellow gang member. Abispa (Wasp) – Term used by Hispanic prison gangs when describing an Aryan Brotherhood gang member. B.B. Gaytan – Offensive term the Barrio Azteca uses to describe a California based rival gang formally known as the Border Brothers. […]

  • Can you guess the answer?

    Can you guess what David Bowie, Susan Boyle, Che Guevara, Adolf Hitler, John the Baptist, Natacha Kampusch, Bruce Lee, Abraham Lincoln, Al Pacino, Tom Waits, Malcolm X and Frank Zappa have in common? They are all tee-totalers abstaining voluntarily from alcohol.

  • Correct Christian swearing

    Begorrah = By God Bejabbers = By Jesus Bleeding heck = Bloody Hell Blimey = Blind me Blinking heck = Bloody Hell Bloody = By Our Lady By George = By God By golly = By God’s body By gosh = By God By gum = By God By Jove = By God Cheese n’ […]