Juliana Hatfield: Silly Goofball Poems Lyrics

The Moose is a noble dolt.
The Elk is a fool.
The Rhinoceros is the biggest bore of them all.
The Hippopatamus is a Giant River Pig.
The Hyena is a striped dog who thought he was a laughing Horse.
The Lion is a Queer Cat who by the power of his Queerness became a great Jowled Cat.
The Tiger is a pure cat
The Panther hates cats.
The Cheetah is a dog who thought he was a Fast Cat.
The Giraffe is a Horse who grew fond of Tree-Top Leaves.
The Snake has a body beautiful, And the Elephant is the Lord, the Hook & Curl of his trunk, the long lashed Eye.
The Sloth is a Chinese Poet upsidedown.
The Ant-Eater is a long-nosed investigator of Villages.
The Scorpion is a Sea-Spider trapped on land.
The Whale is More so.
The man is very strange.

[Part II]
The Spider monkey is a little fool.
The Pekinese Doll is a dog.
The Dachshund is a snake full of love.
The Siamese Cat is an Angry Monkey.
The Woman is a cellular mesh of lies as well as a Scratcher.
The Woman has a dark blossom betwwen her thighs.
The Buddha is Known.
The Messiah is Unborn.
The Boll Weevil is a pants rotter.
The ant a Warrior.
The worm is a long history oozing out of Who ?
Who !
Mu !
Wu !
The dog is a god.
The dog is a balker.
The Leopard is Incontinent , said Dante, free from the Severity of Leopard.
The Angel Rules the Jungle.
Blake is Blake.
The Cow has its own way with water.
And the Tick sticks in your hair & swells –
The Shark I never Saw
The purple ass baboon is Insane
The Sparrow is a little grey bird
The Chimpanzee is Wise
The American a Sniper
The Gull a bringer of Snail Shells
The Parrot I love
The snail knows the Unborn Void of Tao and that’s why he left his house for Gull
The Sea Bird is all Belly
Crows are Dawn Singers
The Bee hums busily
The Frog leaped out of Water
The Abominable Snowman is not abominable at all, he dosen’t hurt anybody –
The Rat has many theories –
The Spider means money –
The Fly has Seven Million brothers –
The Seal is on my roof

The Goose goes north
The Robin wins the spring
The caterpillar waits
The Nightingale I have been
The mockingbird loves TV aerials
The Rabbit
The vulture trails the Puma
The wolf snaps the bear
The Lizard
The Eeel
The Octopus
The Tapeworm
The Finger
The Cock
The Germ
The Fingernail
The Wall

The Swordfish has a Beak of Wood.
The Lobster is friendly.
The flea leaps,
The Cockroach is Reverenced,
The Bedbug rolls.

Author: lossofgravity