The Legend of Jimmy Knopf – Intro

The sacred sea of milk churned for a thousand years to gain Amrit, the nectar of everlasting life. Out of its primordial waters the moon rose into dark night and began to cast its unearthly light upon a blue marble spinning in black space. 

From high up the heavenly sky, Sirius, the Dog Star, tossed its seed down onto fertile earthen land, which grew roots deep out of Brahma’s immortal mind. 

The mighty trunk of a Banyan tree, protected and strengthened by Vishnu’s holy bark shot towards the firmament. Shiva formed its branches which grew karmic roots, turning into trunks and anchoring them firmly into the ground, thus creating a gigantic dome sheltering life from all abodes of the material realm. 

On its leaves Krishna rests, listening to the wind singing Vedic hymns so that the soul of beings whose time had come to pass would ascend heavenwards to enjoy celestial pleasures until their rewards deplete and they fall down back to earth only to be reborn again.

Cows graze on the meadows of a virgin earth. All was as it was and all that was was good.

Author: freakingcat
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