Umbrella Protest in front of Carrie Lam

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Today I had been invited to attend the Spanish National Day in Hong Kong. When I found out that Mrs. Carrie Lam, the Hong Kong Chief Secretary would give a speech I could not just remain silent especially as today there had been heavy attacks by (government) hired thugs on peaceful OccupyCentral protesters.

I concealed a small Doraemon Umbrella under my jacket and got to the event early. When Carrie Lim started her speech, I unfolded the umbrella, which is a sign of support of the UmbrellaRevolution and stands for the demand of a democratic future for Hong Kong. Even I got immediately verbally attacked by several Chinese people and the German Consul, Mr. Nikolaus Count Lamsdorff, who even he was upset, gave me his card before telling me how unacceptable my silent peaceful protest was. I asked him if freedom of speech is not an attribute which should be supported….after that he just left in disgust. I know I have pissed off quite a few VIP’s at that event, which I also live tweeted and which went viral and reached a lot of media and I am very sorry for having hurt the feeling of some who didn’t expect me to stage that protest. The only aim I had with this silent peaceful protest was to show that democracy and freedom are values which should have place in Hong Kong’s future.

After the silent protest, Mrs. Carrie Lim came over to shake hands and we parted a few friendly words. I want to apologize to everyone whom I might have upset with my protest but also ask them, why they are upset.

It was just an umbrella which had been opened during a speech

What are you scared of?

Freedom and Democracy?

Author: lossofgravity